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BEIJING -- Endemic diseases including iodine deficiency, Kaschin-Beck disease and Keshan disease are under effective control in China, as the country makes steady progress in the prevention and cure of such illnesses.

Statistics from the National Health Commission (NHC) show that as of 2018, iodine deficiency remains non-existent in 94.2 percent of the country"s counties, Keshan disease is effectively controlled in 94.2 percent of the counties where it was once prevalent, while 95.4 percent of the counties once troubled by Kaschin-Beck disease are now free of the disease.

The prevention and cure of endemic diseases has been an important part of China"s poverty alleviation efforts. According to the NHC statistics, among the 832 national-level poverty-stricken counties, 831 are troubled with iodine deficiency and 584 are threatened by other endemic diseases.

According to a work plan on the prevention and cure of such diseases released in 2017, China will step up efforts in eradicating endemic diseases including iodine deficiency, Keshan disease and Kaschin-Beck disease, and keeping illnesses such as fluorine poisoning under control.

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